A huge thank you to the following people:

Critical Cargo Care

Critical Cargo Care (CCC) came on board as one of my main personal sponsors at the start of 2013.  They have so generously decided to help me to get through my racing year in the USA. Thanks Russell, Sharon, Daniel and CCC, you are helping make my Cycling career as successful as it can be!
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Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad are my biggest supportors, role models, and the people who have got me to where I am today. They put up with all my ups and downs and give me the opportunity to chase my dreams. I cannot thank them enough for everything. Somerset Cottage is ofcourse my biggest food sponsor while I am home!!


Sujon has been helping my team mate Emma and I for the past 3 years. The black current powder not only tastes AMAZING in a hot drink or even added to baking, but it is so convenient to use when travelling. It is also perfect for pre and post workouts, helping with recovery and performance. The best part is it's local and the staff are so friendly. Thanks Sujon for your on-going support!


Revolutions in Fitness

Curtis Cramblett and the team from Revolutions in Fitness are my one and only                                                                              go-to people for bike fit. Curtis is one of the                                                                           reasons I was able to get back on my bike after                                                                       my surgery's and he is the best in the business                                                                       working with some of the top athletes in the                                                                             world.

Pics Peanut Butter

Pic's have supported me with their rediculously delicious Peanut Butter to help fuel my training. Every year I do a Pic's PB bake sale to fundraise for my International endeavours and Pic's supply me with the main ingrdient.


Inspyre Web Design

Brad Gillon made this incredible website for me, I now have a new understanding and appreciation for the time, knowledge and work it takes to make a website! Thanks Brad!!


Cheryl and Paul Adams from Carrus have been supporting me since I first started racing overseas. They are awesome and I am not sure how to thank them and the company enough for all their help. Read More

The RunnerBox 

The RunnerBox hand picks the best products available for endurace athletes. They provide me with everything I need to fuel my training and racing. Check them out to learn more about how you can #FuelYourPhenomenal at

Tauranga Cycling Club

Tauranga Road Cycling Club has been there from the start. I learnt how to ride in a goup, and how to race my bike. I also learnt how competitve I can be when fellow TGA CC male members try to beat me at the Tuesday night Worlds. The support the club has given me throughout my career so far has been overwhelming. Helping me make each and every trip overseas possible and always being so friendly out on the road. Thanks everyone for being the best club possible.

Carmen Small

Carmen Small is my coach, and a bloody incredible one at that. She is the most patient, understanding person and sticks with me through all my highs and lows. No matter how annoying I can be, she is always there to tell me what to do. Carmen is one of the best cyclists in the World, and my role model, so learning off the best is pretty cool and I am very lucky to have someone of that caliber helping me. Thanks Carmen, your time and effort you put into me as an athlete is mind blowing and I do not know how to thank you enough.