I'm still here.

21 Mar 2016

Whelp, I am still here, in NZ, waiting for my visa. I am certainly reaching my stress Laura-less limits but fingers crossed for an update this week!!

Spending this extra time at home has been pretty cool. I’ve been able to get in some extra summer training, racing and most importantly time with my family! I took the dog for a run on our property today and even found some feijoas growing on the tree and the leaves on the plum tree have changed to a beautiful pinky/orange.. The first time I have seen this autumn change in about 5 years.

Feijoas! I can see them, but I probably will not be still here when they are ready to eat =( 

Hello Autum! (mind the dog peeing on the feijoa tree...)

A couple of weeks ago I raced the Tauranga Club Champs. Tauranga Cycling Club has been so incredibly supportive since day one. They taught me how to ride in a bunch, beat me up on Tuesday and Thursday night Worlds and buy all my Pic’s PB cookies!! It was pretty cool to be able to race the champs for the first time in awhile, and I had some pretty big competition this year.. my Dad! I think there were other people racing, but all I was focused on was beating Dad. It was a big goal but I prepared well.

First stage was a TT.. a 6km rolling blast. Bugger! Dad beat me by 10 seconds. I got the 9th fastest time of the day, Dad the 7th. 0-1 to Dad, two stages to go.

Second stage was a road race in B grade. It was short and sweet being only 48kms, but a non-stop rolling 48kms! Dad went off the front pretty soon after starting, I had a go at bridging across. Got there but we got caught soon after. After the bunch whittled down to 5 riders it came to a sprint finish up a tough but short hill. Dad attacked early (he said he lead me out, but really he tried to get a jump on me). He thought he had it, and I came past him, just! Bam, 1-1!

Good try Dad ;)

Third stage, a 3km time trial. I wont go into detail on this one.. It went up and I think I went backwards at some points. I was 9th fastest for the day again, Dad 2nd equal. 2-1 to Dad. CRAP.

Me post hill climb, or actually mid hill climb. 

Overall it was a really fun day. Dad won B grade, I was second, and Hannah (sister) did pretty damn good in C grade and had a blitzing hill climb. She is training for a 5 day adventure race called the godzone.. Not sure where that love for so much exercising came from. I mean, 5 days of non stop mountain biking, running, kayaking with pretty much 0 sleep. I think I have it easy. I like sleeping and my relaxed morning coffee too much. Her team is called fairies with fangs, check them out if you’re interested. She’s going to beat Ritchie Mcaw’s team.

Thanks Tauranga Cycling Club for everything you do, to Mark Ireland, Greg Taylor and everyone else involved for putting on an awesome club champs and to Stephen Lewis for turning up and taking photos even though you could barely walk! Also Avanti Plus Mount Maunganui for always making my ride in perfect condition. 

So now I continue waiting, waiting, waiting. Hoping to hear from the US consulate in the next day or two. I'm ready to race, but more importantly see Laura. It's been too long and I cannot handle any more days. 

Thank you to everyone who has tried to help me get there.. Especiall Molly, making her run to her mail box atleast 5 times a day and call the embassy almost every day to re-listen to that voice activated no-help message every time. It has been an incredibly tedious process and I will be very thankful to get on that plane (sooner rather than later please).