Hello racing!

2 Mar 2016

Wait, it's march already!?!?

2016 feels like it is flying by.. I'm trying to figure out what I have actually been doing the last two months! 

This year I am racing for Blue Bikes Presented by The Happy Tooth. I'm pretty excited, racing under former US National Champion Robin Farina and once again riding for one of the greatest and most entertaining cyclists on the planet, Tina Pic, and my favorite person, Laura! It's going to be a great year filled with some big Stage Races and Crits throughout USA. Now I just have to get there. It's been a real process getting my visa this year, so now it's all a waiting game until the US accepts me and i'm allowed to get on a plane!

However, good has come out of the whole thing. Because we are in NZ Summer there is a lot of racing! Last week I raced the Rev Cycle Classic in Cambridge. It was my first race since Nationals and definetely a good test to see where I'm at. To break it down;

- First lap first big hill went hard, formed a break away of 5 over the top

- Next lap was fast, hard and I hurt lots, my fellow break away riders made me suffer

- Last lap the triathletes got the better of the road cyclists up the big hill (sigh) and broke away

- Managed to get the sprint out of 3 for 3rd

Not sure what I was talking about, but happy to be on a podium again! 

Next up, Bev May Tour. This race is a pretty special one for me. Bev was the first female licensed rider in New Zealand and one of my first ever coaches. She's a cycling icon. This tour is put together by Bev and her family, and is one of the best. It consists of 4 stages in 2 days (ouch) and A grade had an impressive field of almost 30 riders. Reading can get boring, so I will explain in photos thanks to Bob's bikes photography;

Stage one, i'm the one with the yellow shoes and Morrinsville/Harcourts top.

The first day finished with two bunch sprints. After many break-away attempts they all ended back together.. Cool to see so many teams riding together in little 'ol NZ!

I ended up finishing the tour in 2nd overall. I'm finally beginning to feel like my old self again, i'm not there yet, but this is the first time in 3 years that I have completed a race (let alone 4 of them) with no injuries.. i'm pretty damn excited about that! 

Now I wait, my visa should hopefully be coming through this week and all going to plan, will be off to the US next week.. it's all a bit of a waiting game!

First race will be the San Dimas Stage Race and the week after is Redlands. I'm excited to get the season under-way with my new team. I woke up this morning and felt cold, it was a sign that it's time to go and find the California sunshine!!

I'll be back!!

C Lowe =)