Timber Trail 2016

25 Feb 2016

Timber Trail with my wonderful Family 

Last month Laura, Mum, Dad, Hannah, Andrew and I set out on an adventure! 

100kms of riding along ancient forest and over some of the highest and longest

suspension bridges in NZ, known as the Timber Trail . It was absolutely beautiful,

 and is becoming a yearly habit. I even found a new love for mountain biking, turns

out it's fun when you don't fall off!

Pre Timber Trail waiting game, I wonder who is most excited?

Day one, start of  two solid days of mountain biking on the beautiful Timber Trail. 

After 6 hours of riding, we all bonked a little, some sulked..

But we found a hidden waterfall. And took many rests in beautiful spots. 

Family trip, Lowe/Butcher style. 

Nothing cool to see here (There were atleast 5 of these throughout the ride). 

Swing bridge selfie (Laura has more balls then me).

Our cute accomodation at Black Fern lodge after day one, in the middle of no-where!

PHEW! Two days, a lot of saddle time, a few tumbles, Mum is my hero.