2015 Update!

20 Jan 2015

Why hello there! Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone! Hope you all got some time off and are all refreshed for a fabulous 2015!

I sit here writing this with balloon cheeks as I got my four wisdom teeth out yesterday.  I have been meaning to get them out for the past three years as they decide to keep popping up whenever I get stressed (i.e. before every big race). So with the help of Jade Wilcoxson’s constant nagging throughout the years I finally decided to get rid of them. Probably a good idea as two of them starting coming up again during Nationals, and the surgeon said one was very infected (yuck).

Anyway, now I am being forced off my bike for at least three days, so I can catch up on some things. First was making a new Facebook ‘athlete’ page. Here I will update all cycling stuff so that I can keep my other page less cycling orientated (so really, not much will be happening on that other page).  If you have facebook and are interested in a weekly update on life and anything biking, give it a like! https://www.facebook.com/courteneylowecyclist

The past couple of months have been very much up and down. In November I got some pretty bad knee pain every time I got on my bike, meaning endless physio and doctors visits. Thank you so much Kate and Jacinta from Bureta Phsyio, Judith May, Pip Charlton and my amazing chiro who worked on me ever day while on holiday from England, Ali McMaster. We finally got on top of it and I have been fantastic since. But of course the day after I felt all better I got a head cold which continued for the next two weeks. So once all that drama was behind me I was able to get in a solid month of training, building up to my 2015 season.

This year I approached my National Championships differently. Instead of putting everything into making me peak for January the 10th, I only focused a small amount on National specific training, and more on what would help me during the US season. I have found in recent years that the better I am going in January, the worse off I am for the remaining season in the US. In saying this, I came to Nationals feeling good. I had no injuries (other then some wisdom teeth coming to visit), and I felt strong. The numbers for the race were really low, I am not sure where everybody was.. but the racing was still good. Linda Villumson was on a mission and won by an incredible margin, putting her world-class time-trialing legs into good use. I felt comfortable up the climb, and on the flat, then the fourth time up I went to sit down and my hamstring seized into a tight cramp. After a few swear words were released and my leg eventually let go I continued up the climb and on the flat until I caught back onto the group. Turns out the legs weren’t done with me and I also cramped the 5th and 6th time up, this time the leg didn’t release for sufficiently longer then the first. This gave me some fantastic time trialing practice for the rest of the race. By the time I was finished I was exhausted, over heated, tired and rather grumpy! But at least I finished, even if it was a good 2-3 minutes behind the bunch  in 7th place (and a much larger gap to Linda). As crazy as it sounds, I was happy with the day.. I mean, of all things that have happened in the last three years, cramp is just cramp. It happens to anyone. Given the conditions and the lack of racing I have had in the past three months, I was just happy to finish and get on with my 2015 training.

Photo taken by Rickoshayphotos

Now I am four teeth down, resting on the couch drinking smoothies and soup and driving my family crazy until I can get back on my bike in a couple of days.

Next up is the tour of NZ in Masterton mid February. Three of my team mates from the US and Canada are coming over to join me, plus Karen Fulton from Nelson. It’s going to be a great race and I cannot wait to see everyone!

Thanks for reading, and if you are reading this from Tauranga and thinking ‘man do I feel like some delicious Pic’s Peanut Butter Cookies home made by Courteney’, then pop over to my blog before this and make an order =) I warn you, they are rediculously addictive and Peanut Butter makes you go really fast. I'll leave you with some of my recent baking endeavours (pay particular attention to the last one);

First attempt at a minion cake with colourful fondant. I have temporarily retired from doing anything with fondant. 

Christmas jam cookies!!

Lindt chocolate spiders ontop of PB cookies. 

You know you want them! Pic's PB cookies =)

Ciao for now!

C Lowe

P.S, just want to shout out to Rickoshayphotos who supplied me with my main photo of me racing at Nationals in my new team colors. Check them out!