Bike Fit at Revolutions in Fitness.

30 May 2014

When I first started riding for Optum PB Kelly Benefit Strategies back in 2012 I (with probably a lot of riders out there) was in desperate need of a bike fitter that didn’t just fit me to the normal numbers and angles, but one who actually looked at how I work as I bike rider, how good (or bad) my flexibility is and who can not only fit me but teach me to ride in the most efficient way possible.

I had a good bike fit, but I never felt as though I was able to turn my gluts on like they should and it was also the start of my hip issues. The more I rode the worse it got but I just couldn’t seem to find anybody who understood what was going on or how they could change my position to help with what was going on.

I was introduced to Revolutions in Fitness through my teammate Kristin Sanders back in 2012. I have never heard someone so ecstatic about a bike fitter before and I become very excited to find it was not just a bike fitting service, but some of the best physical therapy/cycling analysis and bike fitters around. Unfortunately due to funding issues and Revolutions in Fitness being on the other side of the Country I was not able to see Curtis and the RIF team that year. BIG MISTAKE. Two years and two surgery’s later I stumbled upon a video of Curtis explaining bike fit and what he does and decided I needed to see him, whatever it took I needed to start fresh and feel comfortable and confident on my bike and of course the main focus; NO MORE INJURIES.

First fit with Curtis at Revolutions in Fitness. With all the gadgets stuck on. 

So after realizing that I was going to be living only two hours from Revolutions in Fitness I booked in for the week after arriving to the US. My first appointment with Curtis and the team I was almost in tears with happiness. I could not get over the knowledge Curtis had with absolutely everything body and bike related. I learned within the first five minutes that he was not just a bike fitter, in fact we spent only about 30% of the time looking at me on the bike and 70% sorting me and my issues (which turns out I have a lot of). Within half an hour of physical therapy with Curtis I had changed the way I rode, now just imagine a year of this, crap what about 5 years, or the rest of my riding career. Now that Revolutions in Fitness have found what my problems are and taught me how to fix them in day-to-day routines, I am getting better every day. I am finding power from muscles that I never realized existed, and the most important part is I am stopping any future injuries from appearing. We have spent a lot of work on the hip area and looking into reasons for why my arteries decided to kink themselves and making sure this does not happen again… EVER.

Words cannot describe how different I feel on the bike. The feeling of confidence when I get on my bike every day, knowing that I’m getting the best out of my position and am not forcing myself into a position that ‘supposed’ to be ideal. I have done this before and it just makes things worse. Because of the exercises and stretching I am doing off the bike I just let my body sink into MY perfect position without even having to think about it. No more daily questions of ‘is my pelvis twisted,? ohh or maybe my left leg is longer then the other?  Why is my glut not turning on? Should I have this numbness in my hands? Wait why is my right calf cramping and why is my left IT band so much tighter then my right??’ I know these thoughts go through 90% percent of cyclists, on a daily basis, but not me. Not anymore at least. And what an amazing feeling that is!!

Getting set-up on the TT bike, with my seat being pressure mapped. The left is showing I am sitting far too much to the left.. a small drop of the saddle and change to the seat reach and bam.. i'm all even again. 

By no means am I completely 100% perfect, hell I am a long way from it. But I am on a damn good road of getting there. There will be more injuries I am sure; I mean I race a bike. I will probably fall off and have a new problem show up but at least I am progressing forward, not down, or backwards. And I am in the best possible hands.

I may have missed out on the recent Commonwealth Games selection and as gutted I am about it, I had to get realistic. I didn’t get results in the time I needed to get them; I was dealing with something more important that is now going to help me for the future. I am now more motivated then ever, and with the help of Curtis, Andy and my Optum PB KBS team I know I can get to where I want.

I want to say a quick shout out to the team selected for the games, Rushlee, Jo, Emily, Linda and Reta. There is not one person here that doesn’t deserve to go, possibly the strongest Comm games team that I have ever seen. Congratulations to everyone and I am super pumped to watch you all kick some butt.

And lastly, if you have time and want to read Kristin’s awesome blog about her progression and to get an in-depth understanding of what Curtis and Revolutions in Fitness have to offer check out;

And to all the Kiwis or non-Americans reading this, Curtis has some great videos all over the internet about almost everything you need to know about riding a bike. Just google ‘Curtis Cramblett’ or take a look on youtube; they are definitely worth the read!

Thanks again for reading!!